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Hazel Greenleaf
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United States
I grew up in the USA, and had a pretty happy life. I like to draw, play sports, and dance. I hope to someday either be a animal specialist, some sort of scientist, or artist.


My best friend <3

B is for Breathtaking, a sight to behold
R is for Radical, overthrowing norms
I is for Impressive, your talents shine
G is for Groovy, the most excellent
I is for Intelligent, a problem solver
D is for Dependable, a reliable friend

S is for Savvy, skilled with know-how
C is for Courteous, gracious and considerate
A is for Authenticity, with which you lead your life
R is for Ravishing, an entrancing beauty
L is for Lionhearted, a brave soul
E is for Efficient, competent at what you do
T is for Tolerant, endless patience

B is for Bewitching, can't take my eyes off of you
E is for Elegant, an effortless style
S is for Smiling, your smile lights up my day
T is for Tenacious, not one to give up
I is for Innocent, an unspoiled purity
E is for Easygoing, so comfortable to be wit
My best friend
A poem for my best friend scar. I luv u till the day i die and forevermore!!!
Meme created by: WolfCrestSox5X

1: This is supposed to be for crack pairings. I don’t care what kind of crack pairing. It could be two canon characters that nobody but you seems to ship, or two of your own OCs that you just know you shouldn’t ship. It’s your own definition of ‘crack pairing’.
2: Write as if the characters are answering, as best as you can in their personalities and how they would react. This is important for characters that are yours or aren’t.
3: Post these rules and the ‘created by’ statement.
4. Try and tag 3 people! If you can’t find 3 people to tag, it’s okay!

Ship: Keefe Sencen and Biana Vacker from Keeper of the Lost Cities

1. Hello! Who are you two? I haven’t seen you around!

Keefe: I'm Keefe Sencen. I’ve been busy recovering from a little bit of drama. No reason to worry.

Biana: I'm Biana Vacker. Keefe why are you quoting my father?

Keefe: Because I wanted to.

Biana: Urgh.

2. What are you from? Are you from a book/anime/movie/tv show or are you OCs?

Biana: We’re from a book series called Keeper of the Lost Cities.

Keefe: You should read it sometime.

Biana: For once, I agree.

Keefe: Does that mean-

Biana: Continue and I’ll tell Sophie all your little secrets.

Keefe: I’ll be quiet now.

Biana: That’s what I thought.

3. So, another question. Why are you considered a crack pairing?

Biana: Mainly because he’s paired with Sophie a lot more. Some people see us as a good pairing. I don’t really think so. He’s my brother’s best friend.

Keefe: Biana, you got it wrong again. It’s because I’m much more beautiful.

Biana: Shut up.

4. If you’re from a published work (book, anime, ect.), what scene made this ship come alive? If you’re OCs, what did your creator do that made you two a crack couple?

Biana: Don’t get me started.

Keefe: Please don’t get her started.

Biana: Here we go.

Keefe: And, here we go. I guess. Please don’t.

Biana: I thought I told you to shut up.

Keefe: But-

Biana: Shush! I’m talking!

Keefe: No, no you’re not!! I will cover you in Glitter Butt’s manure!

Biana: And I will kill you!!

Keefe: So if you’re not answering the question, I will. This crack pairing mainly came alive when fans found out I kissed Biana when we were younger. P.S., it was on a dare.

Biana: I thought we weren’t talking about that anymore!!

Keefe: But the nice people asked!!

5. What reasons make it so you two shouldn’t be a pairing?

Biana: Um…..

Keefe: It’s obvious, isn’t it?

Biana: How many bets I can guess what you’re about to say?

Keefe: Go ahead. *looks at interviewer* how many bets she gets it wrong?

Biana: *glares at Keefe then clears throat* Team-Foster-Keefe for the win!

Keefe: That’s not what it is at all! It’s: TEAM FOSTER KEEFE FOR THE WIN!

Biana: It’s the same thing.

Keefe: No it’s not. You said it too quietly. Nervous about something?

Biana: *glances away* no.

Keefe: *taps her quickly and frowns* Liar. I’m an Empath. I can literally feel your emotions. Anyway….. a reason is that she likes me but I don’t like her. Isn’t that right, Biana?


6. What do other people think of this ship? Does anyone else know about it?

Biana: Lots of people know about it. Lots of people ship it. Lots of people don’t.

Keefe: Including me.

Biana: *glares daggers at Keefe* I will shoot you with a melder.

Keefe: *pales and looks away, grin gone*

Biana: Sorry, I didn’t mean-

Keefe: No, you’ve done enough. Can we continue with this interview, please?

Biana: *sighs and looks down sadly* okay.

7. Individually, who else are you guys shipped with? What do they think of this pairing?

Biana: Lots of people. Tam Song, Dex Dizznee, *shudders* Keefe.

Keefe: Sophie! Linh Song, *scrunches up nose* Biana.

Biana: Oh, Sophie loves you and Linh. And with me. She also loves me with Dex and you.

Keefe: *grins again* I don’t think she minds when people ship me and her, either.

Biana: *glares* shut up.

Keefe: Somebody’s jealous.

Biana: No.

Keefe: Are too.

Biana: Are not. I think you’re jealous of Sophie and Fitz.

Keefe: *narrows eyes* no. *straightens and looks at the interviewer* let’s keep going.

8. If there were no obstacles in the way of this lovely crack pairing, do you think you two would be a couple?

Biana: Yes.

Keefe: No.

Biana: Shut up we all know Sophie Foster is a SERIOUS obstacle. We all also know she likes my brother so why are you acting like she might like you because I’m her best friend and I know she REALLY doesn’t.

Keefe: How do you know anything?

Biana: Do I need to repeat myself?

Keefe: Yes please o’ mighty vanisher.

Biana: *brightens instantly and disappears into thin air* Ha-ha thanks for reminding me.

Keefe: Here we go again.

Biana: Shut up. At least I have a cool ability.

Keefe: My ability is cool too. Oralie has it and she’s on the Council. That means I could be on the Council some day! Plus I’m nobility.

Biana: *reappears, shoulders sagged* we both know that can’t happen, Keefe.

Keefe: I know.

Biana: I still can’t believe my father actually let me do this interview with you.

Keefe: I’ve known you guys all my life. Just because I joined the Neverseen doesn’t mean-

Biana: *flinches* He doesn’t trust certain others yet. Rather close family members.

Keefe: I’m sorry. We should get back to the topic. Without obstacles would this pairing work?

Biana: Yes.

Keefe: Probably. Any other questions?

9. I think that’s it for now, say goodbye!

Keefe: Bye! I’m gonna go track down Glitter Butt and get some of her manure for you, Biana.

Biana: Keefe Sencen I will kill you!

Keefe: Oh well, got to go. Where would you prefer it more, your pillow or your makeup?

Biana: KEEFE!!!!

Keefe: Is that a squeal of delight I hear? Maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll do both!

Biana: *Chases Keefe away* BYE BYE!!


Now tag 3 people! 
I tag: DarkMoon60, Fnaf-lover203, and anyone else who wants to do this meme!
Crack Pairing Interview Meme
Sorry this took so long to upload guys! It's been done for a while! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Chapter Nine: Chloe
Couple of Kids
I wanted to run. I wanted to hide. I wanted to get away from the prophecy. The entire thing was frightening, but the fourth line scared me the most. To protect Olympus the child of the oldest Olympian must find their voice. That meant Aphrodite; one of her children. That could be me.
“You’re- you’re joking. You have to be.” I told Faith uncertainly, backing up. “That can’t be true. You’re joking!” I screamed and ran towards the Apollo cabin. Inside, Will Solace was chatting with Beckett. A silent sigh of relief passed through my mind. At least he was awake and standing up. His poisoning earlier had really scared me.
I ran towards the Hermes boy and broke down crying in his arms. I usually didn’t cry, but I was really scared. I had no clue what was going on and Faith had just spouted a prophecy. My boyfriend wrapped his arms around me and let me cry into his shoulder, which was about where my nose was.
After I was done sobbing, I blew my nose on a tissue and sat down uncertainly. Beckett joined me on the cot. “Hey, what's wrong?” he asked gently, putting his arm around my shoulder. Usually that made me feel better, but this time it didn't.
“There's- I can't say. I'm sorry, Beckett.” I broke down crying again. Someone above me cleared their throat. I glanced up to see Will and I cracked a weak smile. He looked so out of place. He shifted his weight awkwardly and fidgeted with his hands. “Come on, I need to talk to Chiron, and I think you should come too.” I took the Hermes boy's hand and led him from the cabin, leaving Will alone.
When we got to the porch of the Big House I finally looked up. Chiron was standing there, looking down at me sympathetically like he knew what had happened. He held out his hand and I took it with the one that wasn’t holding Beckett’s. “Come, child. We have much to discuss.” He told me.
Inside the main room, Faith was already sitting on the couch. She looked up when we came in, and opened her mouth to say something, but didn’t. My face must’ve looked horrible from all the crying, but I didn’t have time to do anything about it now.
I sat down as far from her as possible, and Beckett put himself between us. Chiron walked in after us, along with a boy I recognized, but I didn’t know his name.
He had brown hair and chocolatey brown eyes that went well with his tanned skin. He had a blue astronomy t-shirt and skinny jeans, which didn’t look too bad with his scrawniness. He was about 5’8 and looked around thirteen or fourteen.
He sat down in one of the leather armchairs, an iPad in his lap, which surprised me. Usually we weren’t allowed to have electronics because they basically told the monsters exactly where we were. I wondered why Chiron had allowed this kid to have one. I sniffled and leaned against Beckett for support.
“Chiron,” I began quietly.
“I know, child. Faith has told me.” He glanced uncertainly at the Demeter girl. I nodded.
“But- who are these new seven? What are they supposed to do?” Faith called out.
“If it is how Hestia-” Chiron began. The boy in the armchair interrupted him.
“Hestia? You never said anything about Hestia! If I had known my patron was involved-” he argued.
“Be calm, Mason. Hestia only came to tell us the message, no more.” The old centaur told him gently.
“But why her? Why not any other messenger? I need to talk to her!” the boy, Mason exclaimed, leaping to his feet. Chiron sighed.
“Fine. Go, Faith will show you the way.” He looked at Faith, and she joined Mason on her feet and led the way out. I bit my lip and sat there awkwardly. Chiron looked at Beckett and me again.
“Hestia is his mother?” I asked, confused. He shook his head.
“Of course not, she’s just his patron. His mother, Athena and him don’t really get along. Annabeth and him, when they were seven or eight, they were fairly close, like siblings should be. Then when Annabeth started going off on quests with Percy, Athena supposedly chose Mason as her replacement as Athena’s favorite child. According to Mason. That didn’t end very well, because Mason knew what that meant.” He explained.
He didn’t have to finish; I got the idea. It either meant Athena thought Annabeth would die, or she didn’t like her anymore; both were pretty harsh. The room was silent for a while before Beckett broke the silence.
“You were, um, going to answer Faith’s question?” he suggested. Chiron nodded.
“Of course. As I was saying, if it is how Hestia says it is, and this is the next Great Prophecy, then they will probably come to us. For instance, Sybella; and Faith. We already have determined them.” He told us. I frowned.
“How do you know Faith is one of the seven?” I asked, trying not to snap.
“Because she was the one who got the prophecy. Hestia wouldn’t have gone to any random camper. It had to be one of the prophecy children, to get us started, let’s say.” He said.
“How are we going to find the others?” I asked nervously. Chiron’s old eyes flicked to Beckett, and then back to me. I sat there uncomfortably as he stared me down.
“We already have, child of the oldest Olympian.” He told me. I felt my blood run cold.
“I can’t… I’m not the one. Someone else is. Maybe it’s Piper. Maybe we need to get her back or-” I began to argue.
“Piper McLean has already found her voice. You, my dear child, have not.” He said calmly. I gulped. Before I could say anything, Mira from the Apollo cabin rushed into the room wearing a medical apron.
“You have to come quick. Sybella’s awake.” The simple words brought even more dread to me. Chiron nodded and cantered after Mira, who ran back out of the room. Beckett and I had no choice but to follow.
When we got to the infirmary, Mira hurried to the back of the room. On a cot in the corner, the girl called Sybella was groaning. Will Solace was hunched over her. I walked closer so I could make out the girl’s features. She was beautiful. Her russet hair was tied up to keep out of her face, and her eyes were like rainbows. She had pale skin and rosy lips.
If she hadn’t been the daughter of Hera, she could’ve been Aphrodite’s child. How did I know that she was the daughter of Hera? Word travels fast at camp. Just right for me and the other gossip girls.
Faith ran up behind me with Mason at her heels. She stopped and looked at the girl sympathetically, and then tucked her hand into her pocket. I wondered why. Josh and Charlotte joined us.
“We heard what happened. We were- uh, curious.” Charlotte blushed. “What happened to her again?” she asked me quietly.
“The monster horde earlier today? She fought them off long enough for reinforcements to arrive so Jason, Piper and I wouldn’t die. A leucrota got her and broke seven ribs.” Faith answered suddenly, not looking at us. I nodded to her.
“Uh, yeah. That’s what happened.” I told the Iris girl awkwardly. She nodded and weaved her hand through Josh’s and I tried not to smile. Ever since I had come to Camp Half-Blood, I had been determined to follow in Piper McLean’s and Silena Beauregard’s footsteps. And though I had never met my other sister, Faith had told me enough about her.
I finally finished up around camp with match-making a week ago without many interruptions, but as soon as I was done, Drew came through and broke practically all my new couples apart. Only the ones with strong bonds had stayed together, like Josh and Charlotte. Over a year of work for almost nothing, all because of my sister Drew.
Just then, the beauty queen herself strode in. “I heard the new girl woke up. What’s her name again? Isabella?” she asked in her little-miss-perfect-voice. I clenched my teeth.
“Sybella, Drew. Her name’s Sybella.” I told her. Faith clenched and unclenched her hands, and suddenly I wasn’t mad at her anymore. She was my best friend, and friends get in fights all the time. It was no real biggie. One of the main things we agreed about was Drew. She was a brat, and she got in the way of everything.
“Drew, it’s crowded enough in here. How about you leave?” Chiron suggested lightly. Drew scowled and stormed off. I looked around; Mira had left, too. Josh, Charlotte, Faith, Sybella, Beckett, Chiron, Mason, Will, and I were left. I turned to talk to Faith, but she ignored me and walked over to Sybella.
Chiron nodded to me then led Mason, Beckett, Josh, and Charlotte outside. I smiled weakly. As I looked back over at Faith and Sybella, the Demeter girl slipped a piece of paper into the other’s hand. I wondered what it was.
After a few minutes, Will, Faith, and I managed to get an unconscious Sybella into a wheelchair, and rolled her outside. Luckily, the infirmary had a ramp. Outside, Chiron had kept most of the kids around, and gained one, too; Charlotte, Josh, Beckett, Mason, and Drake.
Will returned inside, and when Sybella came around again, Chiron cleared his throat and looked at all of us one at a time carefully. “Campers, meet your new quest-mates.” He told us. We all gulped.
Daughter Of Hera Chapter 9
Sorry this one took a while to upload! The next one will probably take longer, btw. Hope you guys enjoy!
Merry Christmas Everybody!!!!! Hope you have fun and joyful led holidays!!
I'd also like to say to all the people who aren't following me; you probably won't see this but the badges and faves mean SO much to me!! Thank you so much to everyone, if you're following me or not.


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